Before Surgery

1 To schedule your pet for surgery, call us at 260-420-7729 or schedule online here.  

2 We recommend that your pet receive their Bordetella and Distemper vaccines two weeks prior to surgery to ensure that they do not contract these from an un-vaccinated animal. If your animal is not vaccinated we can administer the vaccines at the time of surgery, however they will not be protected until two weeks after receiving the vaccine.
3 All animals aged 5 months and under may have 1/4 of their regular meal given no later than 6 am the day of surgery. All pets 6 months and older need to have food withdrawn by midnight prior to having surgery. Pets must be kept indoors or confined. Any pet that remained outside all night without being confined will not be admitted for surgery. Excluding feral cats.
4 Drop off time for all animals is 8:00 a.m. When you arrive, there will be a line along the blue paw prints. Please wait in line with your pet(s) and we will allow 3-4 clients in to check in at a time.
5 It is state law that your animal be current on its rabies vaccination. Please bring proof of current rabies vaccination with you the day of your pets surgery. If they are not, we will need administer the vaccine at the time of surgery for $16.00.

6 All dogs must be on a leash and all cats must be in a carrier. If you do not have a carrier for your cat, you can purchase a cardboard carrier for $5.00, plus tax.

7 Pick up time for Dogs is 3:15pm and Pick up time for Cats is 3:45pm. You will be given a copy of your post-operative instructions. Staff can go over any questions you may have.

8 We do not board pets. However, if you do not pick up your pet at the designated time, you will be charged an extra $10.00 late pick-up fee, per animal, and H.O.P.E for Animals reserves the right to surrender your animals to Animal Control.
9 We offer City Pet Registrations.
$5 per year (if your pet is spayed/neutered and current on rabies); $30 for lifetime of pet (if dog is spayed/neutered, current on rabies, and microchipped); $5 senior citizen lifetime (if dog is spayed/neutered, current on rabies, and microchipped)

Unless you are told otherwise, your pet does not have external sutures. All sutures are absorbable on the inside and the very outer layer of skin is held together with surgical glue. Do not clean or apply topical ointment to the incision site. If you are told that your pet has skin sutures or skin staples, they will need to return in 7-10 days to have those removed. Male cats do not have any sutures.