How Can I Help?

Get Involved!

TRAPPING: Trappers will be responsible for setting up traps and checking them periodically to see if a cat has been trapped.

CLEANING: The transport van must be properly cleaned following each transport. Traps must be properly cleaned following each release. We also need help with laundry.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Community Outreach crews will be needed for handing out information in trapping areas.

RELEASING: Cats will need to be released when surgery is completed. Cats will be returned to the locations where they were caught.

ADMINISTRATION: Our Community Cats will have records that need filed. You may also be responsible for folding/cutting community outreach materials, creating materials for distribution and other administrative duties as needed.

5 Ways Volunteering to Help Animals Helps You:

1Meet People Like You. You will be surrounded by people who love animals as much as you do, and they might even become your lifelong friends. This widens your social circle and incorporates compassionate people who share your interest in helping animals.

2Boost Your Mood and Your Health. Volunteering gives us a sense of satisfaction. It can lower stress, make you feel needed and appreciated, increase happiness and so much more. Studies show that 95% of volunteers surveyed said they gained a “helper’s high” – a feeling of euphoria and energy. Volunteering truly is a feel-good activity, and what better way to spend the day than with cuddly and furry friends?

3Your Efforts Will Help Improve the Lives of Animals. Animals coming into the clinic vary according to their needs. Everything you do here helps meet those needs. Even the smallest of tasks makes a huge difference!

4 Become Part of a Very Important Team. HOPE for Animals relies on donations and volunteers to be able to serve this community. We are a non-profit clinic that operates solely on grant funding and private donations. Volunteers allow us to meet a minimal payroll budget and accomplish all the work that needs done. The animals of this community need us, and we need you.

5 Gain Experience. Whether you’re filing medical records, doing laundry or greeting clients, you are gaining experience in many areas. Working adults may include it on their resume or incorporate the clinic into word-related events. Someone who is unemployed can get a boost of self-esteem by being part of a vital team.

Contact Community Cats:
Phone: 260-440-8893