Simple Cat Shelter Design


  • Large Storage Tote
  • Styrofoam
  • Utility Knife
  • Duct Tape
  • Sand Paper
  • Straw

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Using the utility knife, cut a small opening for the cat to enter and exit the shelter on the long side of the storage bin toward the corner. To prevent flooding, cut the opening so that the bottom of the doorway is a couple of inches above the ground.
  2. Cut a piece of styrofoam to fit the floor of the bin, and line the floor with it.
  3. In similar fashion, line each of the four interior walls of the bin with a piece of the styrofoam. Perfect cuts aren’t necessary. Leave a uniform gap of at least 3 inches between the top of these wall pieces and the upper lip of the bin.
  4. Cut out a doorway in the styrofoam lined up with the doorway in the storage bin. Trace the outline of the doorways on the plastic foam first before cutting.
  5. Stuff the bottom of the bin with straw or other insulating material to hold the interior wall pieces in place. Use duct tape to secure them if needed.
  6. Cut out a styrofoam roof to rest on top of the interior wall pieces.
  7. Cover the bin with its lid.


  • To clean the shelter, simply remove the lid and the foam roof
  • The shelter is lightweight and may need to weighed down with a large rock or cinder block
  • Face the opening away from the direction of the wind, if possible
  • To entice cats to check out the shelter, sprinkle catnip inside
  • Periodically replace straw to keep it fresh and dry

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